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As I am currently out of office, I will only sporadically check my mailbox. For any urgent inquiries, please contact Prof. David Hausheer () or Gisela Scholz-Schmidt ().

Short Bio

Matthias Wichtlhuber is a research assistant at the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology of Technische Universität Darmstadt. He holds a diploma in Wirtschaftsinformatik (Information Systems) from University of Mannheim and is working towards a Dr.-Ing. degree. He worked as a researcher in the collaborative research center “MAKI – Multi-Mechanism Adaptation for the Future Internet” and a number of other research projects. His research focuses on the fast, scalable, and reliable delivery of video and web content by enhancing Content Delivery Network (CDN) technology with cross-layer mechanisms and overlay mechanisms.

Research Interests

Content delivery has become the major use case of the Internet over the last decade. To provide for a globally reliable and fast delivery of content, delivery from a single server is not sufficient due to possibly large physical distances and the best-effort nature of the Internet. Content Delivery Network (CDN) providers fill this gap by offering content delivery from a global deployment of content delivery servers to third parties as a service. In fact, the success and dynamic growth of large content providers like Facebook or YouTube are hardly conceivable without the presence of CDNs.

As CDNs deliver a large share of the daily overall traffic, optimizing CDN technology is a significant lever to optimize the resource usage of the global Internet. Thus, the primary research interests evolve around content delivery mechanisms and their optimization by applying the following tools and methods:

  • Software Defined Networking (SDN)
  • Overlay mechanisms
  • Adaptive video streaming
  • Network graph pattern analysis and graph mining
  • Network traffic analysis with big data tools
  • Human-Machine-Interaction studies


A comprehensive list of publications is available from Google scholar. Selected publications are listed below.

Awards and Honors

The organizing committee of the 2014 IEEE LCN conference decided to award the best paper award out of 140 paper submissions for a joint paper with Peter Heise, Björn Scheurich and Julius Rückert (paper link).


Involvement in selected education activities:


Prof. Dr. David Hausheer

Technische Universität Darmstadt

Peer-to-Peer Systems Engineering

Building S3/19, Room 3

Rundeturmstr. 12

64283 Darmstadt

+49 6151 16-20890 (direct)

+49 6151 16-29100 (assistant)

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